Episode 114: Exploding Mojo

Thank you for joining us for episode 114 for Just One More Row!

Dana: Shop Swatches of Halloween colorways, Adama, Invisibility Cloak
Brittany: nothing this time

Dana: Boss, August Socks, Hermaness Worsted Hat, Bad Oyster
Brittany: Falling Snow Stocking, Sesame Street Socks

New In The Queue:
Dana: Running Buddy Blanket by Chaleur (free Ravelry download)
Brittany: Francis Revisited by Beth Silverstein (Free Rav download)

If I Was A Rich Girl:
Dana: KnitPro Zings (only available to US customers if you order from a UK seller… Dana found them on eBay here)
Brittany: Night Owl Fibers did a Haunted Forest Halloween Kit


  • Into The Wool attendees: please be sure to keep an eye on the group and your email over the course of the next week or two for updates and last-minute info!
  • Don’t forget that Christmas In July ends on 8/31! You have until 12pmCT on 9/7 to post your project pictures in order to be entered for the drawing.
  • Elvesworkshopalong run by the Mastering The Knits podcast (Alicia and Natalie) will run September 1 through November 30. Check out their podcast for more details, and a chance to continue with your holiday gift knitting!

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Episode 113: A Businesslike Mullet

Thank you for joining us for episode 113 for Just One More Row!

Out & About:
Brittany: SSK Market. Had lunch at San Antonio Taco Company, then dinner at the Wild Cow. Market was great, got a few goodies!
Dana: Cookeville to play ITW retreat fairy!

Dana: Rose City Rollers, Renfrew, Morning Mist
Brittany: nothing this time

Dana: Invisibility Cloak, Boss, Shop Swatches of Halloween colorways (Sirka counter)
Brittany: Falling Snow Stocking, Sesame Street Socks

New In The Queue:
Dana: Woodstove Season by Alicia Plummer ($6.50 download), Frieze Shawl by Lisa Hannes (3.50EUR download, about $3.97US)
Brittany: Morning Mist!

Mid-Year Goal Review for 2015:

  • knit a total of 7 sweaters for Madelyn before she gets here (definitely did this! Sprinkle Cardigan, Prim Little Layer Cake, Rocketry Baby Cardigan, Madelyn’s Bag Lady Sweater, Entrechat, Quaintly, Newborn Entrechat)
  • make up “project club” kits: yarn (or a note of what yarn to buy for a project), pattern notes, plus needles into a project bag and pick one per month (or pick a new one whenever I finish one) (didn’t do this, but I still might… who knows)
  • try to keep ahead on gift knits: socks for Chris and Mom, etc. (I’ve done great on this except for Chris’s anniversary socks, I pulled those out at the wire but I was in the hospital right before so I think I have an excuse ;) )
  • attempt to keep to a “two out, one in” buying plan with yarn- I don’t want to deny myself treats, but I do need to work through some stash! (meh. I’ve done pretty well with using up stash, but I haven’t exactly been keeping to this. The second half of the year might be different because of medical bills. I do have a destash up right now though, if you’re interested…)
  • replace old knitting needles as I can afford to with better ones (ie. get rid of Brittany dpns and replace with Karbonz since the Brittanys are starting to splinter) (I’ve done well on this! I now have Karbonz in US 2 through US 9, and want to get up to US 13 by Christmas!)
  • shop at my LYS first before buying online if I can, especially for commercial yarns. (I have definitely done this, but I haven’t bought much commercial yarn this year.)


  • Stop worrying about stash- knit what makes me happy! (did pretty good on this!)
  • Finish or Frog- I’m sick of looking at old wips! Try to take care of one before I can start something new- Sunk Cost Fallacy and how it applies to WIPs (frogged a few things and have been working diligently on WIPs)
  • Make Rolling Rock using oldest stash yarn I own! (planned for second half of the year!)
  • Find other interesting things to do with sock yarn (queueing new patterns as I find them and will probably cast something new on soon)
  • Try something new this year (yes!)

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Episode 112: In Which We Try to Yodel

Thank you for joining us for episode 112 for Just One More Row! We’re so glad you’ve joined us!

Dana: nothing
Brittany: nothing

Dana: Morning Mist, Invisibility Cloak, Rose City Rollers (Try It On Tubing, Synthrapol)
Brittany: Falling Snow Stocking

New In The Queue:
Dana: Boss by Jiminez Joseph ($6.50 Ravelry download)
Brittany: Go! by Dreareneeknits Designs ($6 Ravelry download)

Christmas In July:
We hope you’ll join us! Come on over to the chatter thread and tell us what your plans are!

WDYWTHA: Supported Spindling
Supported Spindles
Fleegle Spins Supported
Respect the Spindle book and video


  • SSK market this weekend!

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Episode 111: Reunited and It Feels So Goood

Thank you for joining us for episode 111 of Just One More Row!

Babies Update

Dana: A Bonnet For Every Little Princess, Honey Bear Baby Hat, Hungry Caterpillar Baby Cocoon & Hat, Rose City Rollers, Runcible Cowl
Brittany: Baby Groot

Dana: Morning Mist, Invisibility Cloak, Rose City Rollers
Brittany: Weldon Waves

New In The Queue:
Dana: CineCittà by La Maison Rililie (5.80 Eur/$6.65 USD Ravelry download)
Brittany: Garland Cowl by Galzanne Knits (free Ravelry download)

Christmas In July:
Dana’s Goals: knit socks for Chris & Mom, knit a cowl for Chris’s cousin, knit at least 5 ornaments, knit Madelyn’s Christmas stocking
Brittany’s Goals: Rip out Chris’ stocking and reknit, knit Felicity’s stocking in blue

Review: Warm Days Cool Knits by Corrina Ferguson ($24.95US/$27.95CA- Interweave Store)

  • This book is separated by season winter, spring, summer, then fall
  • We discuss the patterns we love and would like to make

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Episode 110: Make It Work!

Thanks for listening to episode 110 of Just One More Row!



FO’s- Make It Work using Impulse of Delight Mere Sock

WIPs- Baby Groot, Sesame Street Socks


NitQ- The Sock Knitter’s Shawl
Announcements- Christmas in July! We’ll post full list of rules, but the main idea is any type of craft as long as it’s a gift for someone, or christmas/winter holiday themed. New rule though- one post per project. It will make it easier on us to draw for winners. In the spirit of making things easier, we’re only going to be giving away patterns this time. So, if you’re a pattern designer, or would just like to donate something for a pattern prize, we’re gladly accepting those! This way it makes it easier on both of us- nothing to ship, nothing to keep track of. Thank you!!

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Episode 109: Solo Journey

Thanks for joining me for episode 109 of Just One More Row!

FOs- nada


WIPs- Sesame Street socks, pressed leaves hat


NitQ- A Perfect Day Off Cowl by Diane L. Augustine (Free until tonight, not sure what price it will be after May 31st)



  • IceMelon’s stash contest- thanks to everyone who entered! I’ve not heard back about who she’s picked for the winner yet, so I’ll earburn whomever wins in the thread and announce it next time. :)

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Episode 108: Down to the Wire

Thank you for joining us for Episode 108 of Just One More Row! For the month of May we are proud to be sponsored by Icemelon’s Stash.

icemelon banner

Icemelon’s Stash was born from a love of color and a love of wool. It started as a personal exploration of dyeing fiber and quickly evolved into something that was meant to be shared. Inspired by movie quotes, internet memes, and inside jokes, it’s all about celebrating the merriment of life. Icemelon’s Stash – Sparklier On The Inside!

Until June 10, Just One More Row listeners can take 20% off their purchase at icemelon.etsy.com by using the coupon code mentioned in the episode.

Health Update

Dana: Self-Striping Bed Socks, Newborn Entrechat (Madame Entrechat)
Brittany: Bright Colors Baby Hat for Madelyn!

On The Needles/Bobbins:
Dana: Chevron Blanket, Runcible Cowl
Brittany: Yowza Weigh It Shawl

Dana: Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart (3.70GBP/about $5.96US Ravelry download)- knitalong in the Knitting Pipeline group, Beekeeper’s Tank by Nicole Montgomery ($5.99 Ravelry download)
Brittany: All the Azzles by Allie Coffey (collection is $10, Razzle is $3, other two are $5), Make it Work by Allie Coffey ($3.50 Ravelry download)

We both love Dubonnet by Thea Colman ($7 Ravelry download)

Discussion: Stash Storage


  • We have a contest! Icemelon Stash

Enter in the contest thread on Ravelry with ONE image based on what we talked about in the episode.
Whoever has their picture selected will receive a skein of sock yarn in the “Go Home Wool, You’re Drunk” colorway on the Desmos base, which is 400 yards of 80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon. Please get your entry in on the contest thread on the Ravelry group by noon CT on 5/27. Contest rules apply, which you can find here.
Thank you again to Icemelon’s Stash for sponsoring us!

  • This is Dana’s last episode until after her maternity leave, so stay tuned for Brittany’s solo episodes in June (and possibly into July). Dana wants to thank everyone for their support, and if you want to see pictures of Madelyn, follow her on Instagram! (we talked a bit about Brittany and Dana’s approvals to follow on the last episode in case you missed it)

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