Episode 97: Seeekrits

November 30, 2014 at 9:53 pm 3 comments

Thank you for joining us for episode 97 of Just One More Row! So excited that Brittany is back!!


Finished Objects:
Dana: Mom’s hot water bottle cozy, Gnome Is Where The Heart Is, Snowball Buddies (mouse & bunny), Hieroglyphics hot water bottle cozy, Sprinkle Cardigan & tube socks, SRR BFL (forgot colorway and haven’t measured yardage, sorry!)
Brittany: Little Pumpkins, Halloween 2014 socks, Hitchhiker

On The Needles/Bobbins:
Dana: All The Christmas Colors Cowl, Twinkle Twinkle Blanket, Blight, Hermaness (kinda on the back burner), fair isle hat design project, Hilltop Cloud BFL pencil roving on Hansen, Tricks For Treats Merino by SRR on Suzie
Brittany: Katniss Cowl, Avery Cowl, Sesame Street Socks, Twigs and Willows

New In The Queue:
Dana: Small Things Sweater by Carina Spencer ($6 Ravelry download, and there is an ebook of 3 matching patterns for $13 if you’d prefer), Eole by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne ($5FR or about $5.31 as of recording for a Ravelry download)
Brittany: Yowza Weigh It Shawl by Susan B Anderson ($5 Ravelry download), Split Back Snowflake Hat by Susan B Anderson ($5.50 Ravelry download)

If I Was A Rich Girl:
Dana: Curls by Hunter Hammersen ($16.32 on Amazon, releases 12/2/14)
Brittany: kitchen scale- (the one that Dana has)

What Do You Want To Hear About?

  • photoknitgal: why do we not predraft?
  • lspearl: when faced with a unit of fiber, how do we decide what to do with it?


  • Dana is pregnant and due in June with a girl!
  • Clean Slate Challenge begins on 1/1/15 and goes through 2/28/15. We are having a Knitdown and Spindown from your stash and WIPs!
  • The only hard and fast rule is that it has to be stash yarn or fiber that is at least 3 months old.
  • Every 1500yds you knit down or spin out of fiber from stash equals one entry into a drawing for a prize.
  • WIPs count, but the yarn used has to meet the 3-months-old criteria.
  • We will have a thread for you to “claim your place” starting January 1, and a chatter thread where all chatter about the CSC should go. You will have one post in the FO thread and will be responsible for updating it with every item or yarn you finish. In order for an entry to count, you MUST photograph it to prove that it’s finished, and post the picture on your FO thread post. Other than that, we will not be policing your entries, but ask that you please be honest. 🙂
  • Please be sure to add up your own yardage in a cumulative total at the bottom of your post. We don’t have time to add all of these up for you since we have so many participants.
  • The Challenge will run from January 1- February 28, the FO thread will be locked down on March 5, and the drawing for prizes will be done on the mid-March episode of the podcast.
  • You can double dip with other podcast KAL/SALs.
  • Please tag your projects or yarns with CSC2015
  • You have to be a member of this group to win a prize.

And here are some FAQs from last year, to give y’all some clarity…

  • Can I count my WIPs? Yes, as long as the yarn used in them is at least 3 months old.
  • Do I count only the yardage that I knit starting January 1 on WIPs, or can I count the whole yardage when it’s finished? Total yardage can be counted.
  • If I’m spinning, can I count the singles yardage, or just the plied yardage? If you plan to leave the yarn as singles you can count the singles yardage. If you plan to ply the yarn please only count the yardage once it’s plied. It wouldn’t be fair to count the yardage from singles AND plied yarn, since we’re giving out entries into a prize drawing for every 1500 yards finished.
  • Can we do smaller projects to add up to 1500 yards? Absolutely! You can do that as many times as you like. Each time you hit an additional 1500 you get another entry!
  • When knitting with handspun, does it need to have been in the fiber stash for more than three months, or spun up into yarn for more than three months? Since the challenge is about getting rid of stash that has been sitting for a while, knitting with handspun will count as long as it has been spun (finished) yarn for at least three months.
  • Can I crochet my yardage? Yes.
  • Can I weave my yardage? After talking it over, we have decided not to allow weaving since the time commitment isn’t the same as it would be with knitting, spinning, or crochet. Sorry.
  • I’m using my yarn doubled. How do I count that? Yardage is yardage. If you’re using two 400yd skeins held together, then you count 800yds.

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Episode 96: The Snowball Melted! :( Episode 98: Feathering My Nest With Yarn

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Leonor  |  December 1, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    Just listened to this episode. Congratulations, Dana! 🙂

  • 2. Anita  |  December 1, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    I was thrilled to hear the great news about Dana.i think I squealed w delight too. I bet your daughters will be BFF also.

  • 3. sbfh  |  December 3, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Congrats!!!!!!! and a welcome back.

    P.s. the Linky for the kitchen scale is broken.


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