Episode 108: Down to the Wire

May 12, 2015 at 10:58 pm Leave a comment

Thank you for joining us for Episode 108 of Just One More Row! For the month of May we are proud to be sponsored by Icemelon’s Stash.

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Icemelon’s Stash was born from a love of color and a love of wool. It started as a personal exploration of dyeing fiber and quickly evolved into something that was meant to be shared. Inspired by movie quotes, internet memes, and inside jokes, it’s all about celebrating the merriment of life. Icemelon’s Stash – Sparklier On The Inside!

Until June 10, Just One More Row listeners can take 20% off their purchase at icemelon.etsy.com by using the coupon code mentioned in the episode.

Health Update

Dana: Self-Striping Bed Socks, Newborn Entrechat (Madame Entrechat)
Brittany: Bright Colors Baby Hat for Madelyn!

On The Needles/Bobbins:
Dana: Chevron Blanket, Runcible Cowl
Brittany: Yowza Weigh It Shawl

Dana: Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart (3.70GBP/about $5.96US Ravelry download)- knitalong in the Knitting Pipeline group, Beekeeper’s Tank by Nicole Montgomery ($5.99 Ravelry download)
Brittany: All the Azzles by Allie Coffey (collection is $10, Razzle is $3, other two are $5), Make it Work by Allie Coffey ($3.50 Ravelry download)

We both love Dubonnet by Thea Colman ($7 Ravelry download)

Discussion: Stash Storage


  • We have a contest! Icemelon Stash

Enter in the contest thread on Ravelry with ONE image based on what we talked about in the episode.
Whoever has their picture selected will receive a skein of sock yarn in the “Go Home Wool, You’re Drunk” colorway on the Desmos base, which is 400 yards of 80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon. Please get your entry in on the contest thread on the Ravelry group by noon CT on 5/27. Contest rules apply, which you can find here.
Thank you again to Icemelon’s Stash for sponsoring us!

  • This is Dana’s last episode until after her maternity leave, so stay tuned for Brittany’s solo episodes in June (and possibly into July). Dana wants to thank everyone for their support, and if you want to see pictures of Madelyn, follow her on Instagram! (we talked a bit about Brittany and Dana’s approvals to follow on the last episode in case you missed it)

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Episode 107: Knitter, Know Thyself Episode 109: Solo Journey

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