Episode 113: A Businesslike Mullet

August 1, 2015 at 10:45 pm Leave a comment

Thank you for joining us for episode 113 for Just One More Row!

Out & About:
Brittany: SSK Market. Had lunch at San Antonio Taco Company, then dinner at the Wild Cow. Market was great, got a few goodies!
Dana: Cookeville to play ITW retreat fairy!

Dana: Rose City Rollers, Renfrew, Morning Mist
Brittany: nothing this time

Dana: Invisibility Cloak, Boss, Shop Swatches of Halloween colorways (Sirka counter)
Brittany: Falling Snow Stocking, Sesame Street Socks

New In The Queue:
Dana: Woodstove Season by Alicia Plummer ($6.50 download), Frieze Shawl by Lisa Hannes (3.50EUR download, about $3.97US)
Brittany: Morning Mist!

Mid-Year Goal Review for 2015:

  • knit a total of 7 sweaters for Madelyn before she gets here (definitely did this! Sprinkle Cardigan, Prim Little Layer Cake, Rocketry Baby Cardigan, Madelyn’s Bag Lady Sweater, Entrechat, Quaintly, Newborn Entrechat)
  • make up “project club” kits: yarn (or a note of what yarn to buy for a project), pattern notes, plus needles into a project bag and pick one per month (or pick a new one whenever I finish one) (didn’t do this, but I still might… who knows)
  • try to keep ahead on gift knits: socks for Chris and Mom, etc. (I’ve done great on this except for Chris’s anniversary socks, I pulled those out at the wire but I was in the hospital right before so I think I have an excuse 😉 )
  • attempt to keep to a “two out, one in” buying plan with yarn- I don’t want to deny myself treats, but I do need to work through some stash! (meh. I’ve done pretty well with using up stash, but I haven’t exactly been keeping to this. The second half of the year might be different because of medical bills. I do have a destash up right now though, if you’re interested…)
  • replace old knitting needles as I can afford to with better ones (ie. get rid of Brittany dpns and replace with Karbonz since the Brittanys are starting to splinter) (I’ve done well on this! I now have Karbonz in US 2 through US 9, and want to get up to US 13 by Christmas!)
  • shop at my LYS first before buying online if I can, especially for commercial yarns. (I have definitely done this, but I haven’t bought much commercial yarn this year.)


  • Stop worrying about stash- knit what makes me happy! (did pretty good on this!)
  • Finish or Frog- I’m sick of looking at old wips! Try to take care of one before I can start something new- Sunk Cost Fallacy and how it applies to WIPs (frogged a few things and have been working diligently on WIPs)
  • Make Rolling Rock using oldest stash yarn I own! (planned for second half of the year!)
  • Find other interesting things to do with sock yarn (queueing new patterns as I find them and will probably cast something new on soon)
  • Try something new this year (yes!)

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