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Thank you for joining us for episode 116 of Just One More Row! For the month of September, we are proud to be sponsored by One Geek To Craft Them All.

One Geek Logo

Inspired by novels, movies, comic books, history, and pop culture, One Geek to Craft Them All is a handmade treasure trove of geeky jewelry for you and for your yarn (we make lovely stitch markers for knitting and crochet).

Join One Geek on Friday October 16th From 5-9 pm for the Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk Show.

Shop at onegeekcraft.etsy.com now through October 31 and use the coupon we mentioned in the episode to save 15% off your purchase.

Dana: Hats for Grammy/Hats for Kiddos
Brittany: nothing

Dana: Madelyn’s Stocking, Hitofude Cardigan, Great Divide, Sparkly Stained Glass Rollers, Sock Yarn Blanket, Bad Amy Socks
Brittany: Christmas Socks 2014, Christmas Stocking

Coming Attractions
Dana: Capuchon by Tagil Perlmutter (free)
Brittany: Without A Sound by Allie Coffey ($3.50)

Out and About: Into the Wool!
2016 Into The Wool Fiber Retreat: September 1-4, 2016
Be sure to join the Ravelry group to keep up with details!
Goodie bag giveaway: please follow the prompt in the episode to enter! Be sure to put your response in the thread that says “ITW Goodie Bag Contest”. Contest ends 9/23 at 12CT, one post per person, must be a member of the group to win, 2015 attendees are not eligible to enter.
Second giveaway for a goodie bag on Dana’s IG: dana_of_unwind (be sure to email her if you don’t have your Rav name in your profile- her account is private!)

New In The Queue:
Dana: Michele’s Mittens by Sarah H Arnold ($4 Ravelry download)
Brittany: Either or Neither Shawl by Jennifer Biehl (free until end of September!)


  • Dana is doing a collaboration with Kicks and Giggles for a really cute Christmas kit! The kits are limited in quantity and will be available for preorder in Dana’s shop on 9/18 through 9/30 (10/2 if there are people who need it to be open an extra day due to payday at the end of the month- just email her!). The bags are wedge style or drawstring and fit two skeins of yarn, and the yarn is a brand new colorway (“Peppermint Party”) dyed to match the bag and will be available on Journey Sock (80% superwash merino/20% nylon, 400yds/100g) and Touring DK (100% superwash merino, 231yds/100g). You will be able to pick your own kit configuration: wedge or drawstring bag, and one or two skeins of yarn (no mixing yarn types; two of one type only to make things simpler!).
  • One Geek To Craft All contest: please answer the prompt in the episode in the thread that says “One Geek To Craft All Contest”. Contest ends on 9/27 at 12CT, one post per person, must be a member, etc.IMG_9835
  • Christmas In July Prizes!!

Ebook of your choice from Cooperative Press  rosebob (vintage washcloths) 93
Pattern of your choice from DanaofUnwind lmecoll (Freya socks) 23
Pattern of your choice from CaffeinatedGert jaynaro (golden pear hat) 100
Pattern of your choice from Allie Coffey Cinderga (Athos socks) 32
Pattern of your choice from Kinoknits x3  cbud (sheepy ornament) 6, jedichick3 (vanilla extract- enabled Dana!) 69, ec0g33k (handbrake cowl) 10
Pattern of your choice from PrairiePiper x5 marchskies (summer splendor doily) 21, apple380 (socks) 70, archaeo (Christmas socks) 43, Mislissa (barley hat) 38, yarning4asmile (hat) 63
Pattern of your choice from Margaret Kendall Pandaren (Rikke hat) 111
Patterns of your choice up to $10 from a generous listener operadiva25 (scarf for her husband) 53


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Episode 115: Easily Excitable Episode 117: Dixie Chicks Serious

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