Episode 122: Giving Out Jiminy Crickets!

December 15, 2015 at 11:46 pm 1 comment

Hi, and thank you for joining us for episode 122 of Just One More Row!

Housekeeping: Changes Coming To JOMR

  • only recording every 3 weeks or so, so we both have childcare and can concentrate on the recording
  • not doing CIJ this year
  • UYC only sponsor going forward
  • we are going to attempt to have most prizes be pattern downloads so we can cut down on shipping costs (speaking of which, if you want to donate please email us! justonemorerowpodcast@gmail.com)

Dana: Tube Socks for Madelyn, 14 mitered squares on the blanket now!, Loop bump in Madrid (418yds, nply fingering weight)

Dana: Strathcona, Chris’s Christmas Socks, Anders, Morgan’s Boot Cuffs
Brittany: Mom’s Socks

New In The Queue:
Dana: Anders on Top by Sorren Kerr ($5.50 Rav download)
Brittany: Nakahi Shawl by Francois Danoy

2015 Wrap Up:

    • knit a total of 7 sweaters for Madelyn before she gets here (definitely did this! Sprinkle Cardigan, Prim Little Layer Cake, Rocketry Baby Cardigan, Madelyn’s Bag Lady Sweater, Entrechat, Quaintly, Newborn Entrechat) (plus Small Things and Anders in the second half of the year)
    • make up “project club” kits: yarn (or a note of what yarn to buy for a project), pattern notes, plus needles into a project bag and pick one per month (or pick a new one whenever I finish one) (nope!)
    • try to keep ahead on gift knits: socks for Chris and Mom, etc. (well… didn’t do so hot on this one, because I’m still attempting to finish Christmas gifts…)
    • attempt to keep to a “two out, one in” buying plan with yarn- I don’t want to deny myself treats, but I do need to work through some stash! (haha NO, not in the second half of the year!)
    • replace old knitting needles as I can afford to with better ones (ie. get rid of Brittany dpns and replace with Karbonz since the Brittanys are starting to splinter) (did great!)
    • shop at my LYS first before buying online if I can, especially for commercial yarns. (yep! definitely supported them this year, between personal shopping and buying prizes for ITW!)


    • Stop worrying about stash- knit what makes me happy!
    • Finish or Frog- I’m sick of looking at old wips! Try to take care of one before I can start something new- Sunk Cost Fallacy and how it applies to WIPs
    • Make Rolling Rock using oldest stash yarn I own!
    • Find other interesting things to do with sock yarn
    • Try something new this year

Upcoming: 12 in 16!

  • the yarn can be a brand new purchase, or it can be stash- it’s totally up to you.
  • a pair of socks must be adult-sized to count.
  • if you’d prefer to knit children’s socks, you must knit at least 2 pairs to equal a pair of adult socks (using at least 50g of
  • some months will have a theme, such as “lace patterns”, “a pattern that has been knit less than 500 times”, or “use self-striping”, and there will even be a few “WIP months” where you can finish a pair of socks you already have on the needles. Other months will be up to your discretion what kind of socks you want to knit. See the bottom of this post for the schedule!
  • you MUST cast on the sock and finish it within the same month- ie., cast on January 1 and finish by January 31, and so on- unless it is a special “WIP month”- and those months are listed on the schedule below! If you don’t have a WIP for that month, feel free to cast on something new!
  • everyone who finishes a pair of socks in a given month will be listed in a spreadsheet, and I will use the Random Number Generator to choose someone who will win a downloadable pattern! (If you did not finish a pair of socks the previous month, that’s ok! I understand that some people won’t see this until it’s been underway for a while!)
  • at the end of the year, everyone who has completed a pair of socks for all 12 months (following the special prompts too, of course!) will be entered to win a VERY special prize pack. I will enter everyone that has completed the KAL into a spreadsheet and use the RNG to pick the winner!
  • ankle socks are fine, as long as they are adult sized socks- 50g of yarn or more if they’re fingering weight.
  • worsted weight socks are also fine, as long as they are adult-sized.
  • post your FO in a new post every month- I’ll keep up with the spreadsheet, don’t worry!
  • feel free to chatter in the thread too.
  • tag your projects JOMR12IN16 on Instagram and Ravelry.
  • last but not least: if you have to ask, the answer is no. We want this to be fun, not stressful, and we put a lot of time into thinking about the guidelines. So if what you’re wondering isn’t covered here, just assume our answer will be no and amend your plans. Thanks in advance for helping us keep this simple and fun!!

2016 “Sock Schedule”
January: finish up a WIP if you want!
February: pair of your choice
March: pick a pattern that has been knit 500 times or less
April: pair of your choice
May: finish up a WIP if you want!
June: pair of your choice
July: pick a pattern that features lace
August: knit some ankle socks!
September: pick a pattern that features a technique you’ve never used- and tell me why you picked it in your FO post!
October: finish up a WIP if you want!
November: use some self-striping yarn!
December: pick a pattern of your choice

Upcoming: Clean Slate Challenge!
Clean Slate Challenge Rules:

  • The only hard and fast rule is that it has to be stash yarn or fiber that is at least 3 months old.
  • We will have a thread for you to “claim your place” starting January 1, & a chatter thread where all chatter about the CSC should go. You will have one post in the FO thread & will be responsible for updating it with every item or yarn you finish. In order for an entry to count, you MUST photograph it to prove that it’s finished & post the picture on your FO thread post. Other than that, everyone is on the honor system.
  • Every 1500yds you knit down or spin out of fiber from stash equals one entry into a drawing for a prize. WIPs count, but the yarn used has to meet the 3-months-old criteria.
  • The Challenge will run from January 1- February 28, the FO thread will be locked down on March 5, & the drawing for prizes will be done on the mid-March episode of the podcast.
  • Please be sure to add up your own yardage in a cumulative total at the bottom of your post, in bold. We don’t have time to add all of these up for you since we have so many participants. Also, please be sure you are keeping up with your YARDAGE instead of METERAGE. Once again, we won’t have time to do calculations for you to convert meters to yards.
  • You can double dip with other podcast KAL/SALs.
  • Please tag your projects or yarns with CSC2016 (this tag will also work for Instagram!).
  • You have to be a member of this group to win a prize.

And some FAQs from both last year and this year:

  • Can I count my WIPs? Yes, as long as the yarn used is at least 3 months old.
  • Do I count only the yardage that I knit starting January 1 on WIPs, or can I count the whole yardage when it’s finished? Total yardage can be counted.
  • If I’m spinning, can I count the singles yardage, or just the plied yardage? Plan to leave the yarn as singles = singles yardage; plan to ply = only plied yardage.  It wouldn’t be fair to count the yardage from singles AND plied yarn, since we’re putting entries into a prize drawing for every 1500 yards finished.
  • Can we do smaller projects to add up to 1500 yards? Absolutely! You can do that as many times as you like. Each time you hit an additional 1500 you get another entry!
  • When knitting with handspun, does it need to have been in the fiber stash for more than three months, or spun up into yarn for more than three months? Since the challenge is about getting rid of stash that has been sitting for a while, knitting with handspun will count as long as it has been spun (finished) yarn for at least 3 months.
  • Can I crochet my yardage? Yes.
  • Can I weave my yardage? We have decided not to allow weaving since the time commitment isn’t the same as it would be with knitting, spinning, or crochet. Sorry.
  • I’m using my yarn doubled. How do I count that? Yardage is yardage. If you’re using two 400yd skeins held together, then you count 800yds.
  • I just have finishing work left on a piece; can I count the yardage on the whole piece after I finish? If all the knitting is done prior to the start of the challenge, then no. Sorry.
  • I got near the end of my project and realized that I needed more yarn, so I had to buy one extra skein/ball. Can I count the whole yardage? No. Any yarn bought after September 30, 2015 WILL NOT COUNT toward your yardage. You can count the yarn in the project bought before that date, but NOT after. Please be sure the yardage total accurately reflects what yarn you used that counts, & DO NOT put the new yarn’s yardage in!!
  • I am knitting a large number of projects that are all the same, and they’re all combined into one project page. I started them before the challenge, but plan to knit more during the challenge. How much of the yardage can I count? Since the projects could potentially be listed as separate project pages, we ask that you only count what you’ve knit during the challenge.

Review: PLY Magazine

Prize: a year’s subscription to PLY!  Answer in the contest thread in our group on Ravelry by 12/28 at 1pmCT. Regular contest rules apply.


  • Into The Wool vendors will be announced in the ITW group on January 20, and signups will begin on February 1 at 3pmET. There are a total of 89 spots available, and once those are gone we will go to a waitlist. One thing is different this year: the entire $280 attendance fee will be due by 3/31- we are not taking payments anymore. Plan ahead if you want to attend! Email with questions intothewoolfiberretreat@gmail.com !
  • Unwind Yarn Company and WhimzeeStitches Designs have collaborated on the Mariposa Kit! Get your choice of wedge or drawstring bag from Rick and Touring DK or Journey Sock from Dana for $51 plus shipping! Preorders end on 12/19 and the kits will ship by approximately 1/10.
  • Unwind’s End of Year SALE will begin on 12/26 and go through 12/31. Enter coupon code ENDOFYEAR to save 25% off your coupon-eligible purchase! (please note that any purchases after 12/27 might take a few extra days to ship since I’m having surgery 12/28)

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