Episode 138: IS IT CHRISTMAS YET???

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Thank you for joining us for episode 138 of Just One More Row! This month is sponsored by Unwind Yarn Company. Gearing up for holiday knitting? Let Unwind Yarn Company help you with the perfect yarn to knit your planned gifts, or the perfect gift for your yarn-loving friends! The shop will be updated weekly through the end of the year, and custom orders are once again open. To help clear out old stock and move Unwind into the new year, use coupon code HOLIDAYDEALS through the end of the month to save 25% off your in-stock yarn order (excepting Errnament mini sets or full sized skeins since they involve a charitable donation, Kookaburra wash, and custom orders) You deserve the best, so don’t you deserve to Unwind? Visit unwindyarncompany.com today!

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KAL: it ends tomorrow! Stay tuned to our next episode to find out if you won!

Dana: Tube Socks for MadelynAntler Mittens for Madelyn, Caius (test for Kino)
Jessica: Caius (test for Kino), Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl, World’s Simplest Mittens, Rose City Rollers

Dana: Teacher Gifts, Chris’s Socks, Messy Bun Hat
Jessica: Man Hat for Brett, Baby Hat for a Coworker, Errnaments!, Leftover Baby Socks

Sew You Say:
Dana: totally finished my mom’s quilt, quilted my inlaws’ but still needs binding, need to quilt and bind my aunt’s- all before Friday night and with a messed up sewing machine. Eep!!!
Jessica: hopefully going to go back and mend/quilt/rebind a table runner I made in the fourth grade!

Where The Wild Things Are:
Dana: “HOT DOG AND MEEEEEEEE”, Madelyn has been sick, but we made her feel better by giving her a chair! Parents of the year right here! 😉
Jessica: “Is It Christmas Today? WHYYYY NOOOOOOT????”, knitting students threw me a birthday party!!!

Maker’s Moment:
Dana: woven ornaments from Katrinkles, hot chocolate in a jar recipe from Pinterest
Jessica: about to dye and drumcard the fleece! Froze the fleece outside, oops. LOL.

12 in 17: A Rundown:

  • The yarn you use can be a new purchase, or it can be stash. It’s totally up to you.
  • Must use at least 50g of a skein in a month. Cannot be scraps or multiple skeins used in a project – it must be ONE skein.
  • Only one entry per person per month, unless it’s a special month with a featured designer or featured yarn; in which case, you can get a bonus entry for knitting that designer’s pattern or working with that dyer’s yarn.
  • You must knit a single item from your 50g- no doing 5 dishcloths, multiple pairs of kids’ socks, etc. A pair of socks or mittens does count, as long as you’re using the minimum weight of 50g for a single pair.
  • We will accept knitted and crochet items only- no weaving, spinning, etc. (although you can use handspun to knit or crochet your entry!)
  • No WIPs- new cast ons only. There will be no WIP months this year.
  • You have between the 1st and the last day of the month to start and finish your item.
  • We will give you a day or two to post your FO into the next month- but please don’t count on having several days! Try to have your FO posted by the 2nd at the latest. Once we’ve drawn for a month’s prize, we won’t be adding anyone to the FO list for that month, so you’ll be out of the running for prizes if you don’t post on time.
  • Everyone who has finished a project in a month will be entered into a spreadsheet and I will use the RNG to pick the winner. Everyone who completes all 12 months will be entered to win a very special prize pack.
  • Feel free to jump in and out if you don’t want to participate in all 12. You can still enter for a monthly prize, but you won’t be eligible for the full year prize unless you participate in all 12 months.
  • Please use your best judgement here- if it feels like you shouldn’t do it, then please don’t- and please don’t ask to bend the rules. We are trying to make this low key, easy for us to keep track of, and fair for everyone.
  • Use tag JOMR12IN17 on Ravelry, and #JOMR12IN17 on Instagram/Twitter if you want to tag your projects there.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

  • Double Or Nothing giveaway: winner was post 30, Nevermore! We will pass along your name. Thanks for submitting your stories, everybody!
  • ImagineLandscapes Giveaway: winner was post 29, KittyKatz! We will give Sarah your name! Thank you for making us laugh with your compliments, everybody! (although we were shocked at the lack of pickup lines!)
  • We are taking sponsors for 2017! Please email us at justonemorerowpodcast@gmail.com if you are interested. 🙂
  • Into The Wool attendee signups start on February 1. Vendors are all set and we will be announcing them in January! Please consider joining us- we are going to have a blast!

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