Episode 148: Adjacent To Everything

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Thank you for joining us for Episode 148 of Just One More Row, hosted by pbjstokes and danaofunwind! This episode is brought to you by Kino Knits. Just as the Kino Knits podcast takes you to places you may not have been, so do Kino Knits designs. Think interesting stitches, unique constructions… but never fear. I take my role as your knitting guide very seriously. All patterns are meticulously drafted, tech edited, and test knit so you can be sure your path is clear. Kino Knits is proud to be a sponsor of the 12 in 17 knitalong and the Into the Wool Fiber Retreat. Kino Knits: designs that take you places. You can find Kino Knits Designs on Ravelry, and check out her website at kinoknits.com.

Kino Knits rhino logo cropped

Dana: Madelyn’s Tube Socks, Madelyn Shawl, preemie hats
Jessica: Rhodie Gus Socks, Bumble Hat, PK Socks, Preemie Hats, Test Knit for Kino Knits

Dana: Nell Hat, Scrappy Roller Socks
Jessica:  Self-Striping Socks

Sew You Say:
Dana: Working on some things for a craft show I hope to vend over Black Friday weekend. Finished my Mojave dress, plus a Geranium dress for Madelyn. Plans for 2 Painted Portrait dresses, plus some school tops for Madelyn.
Jessica: Not this time.

Where The Wild Things Are:
Dana: Madelyn is headed back to PDO on 8/15 and I am ready! (especially since her dad is headed back to Korea for several weeks)
Jessica: Took Porter to Lake Winnie Water Park.

Makers Moment:
Dana: Towling Material from Craft South, and I’m going to make dish soap to go with it for family Christmas gifts!
Jess: New Instant Pot! Having a lot of fun playing with it! Got any good recipes to share?

Contest: Kino Knits
Please follow the prompt in the episode and enter in the contest thread in the Ravelry group. A RNG will be used to pick the winner. The thread will be locked on 8/27 at noon ET, and the winner will be notified on our next episode.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

  • Thank you again to Kino Knits for sponsoring the podcast! Definitely check out her podcast, and of course her beautiful patterns!

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