Episode 169: Crafts and Shenanigans

March 11, 2019 at 12:27 pm Leave a comment

Thank you for joining me for Episode 169 of Just One More Row, hosted by danaofunwind!

Madelyn’s GREEN socks, Changing Staircases, Northeasterly Blanket

Taking A Nap:
Lycka– but only because I didn’t want to take a garment to knit on the cruise!

Almost Lost Washcloth

Baby knits for my best friend from high school! She is due in September with a little boy!

Sew You Say:
Forgot to mention my apron last time! I finished the Easy-On Apron out of some Alison Glass fabric I picked up while visiting TheProjectBag last year. I also finished the black knit dress from the Joann’s kit for the cruise! Got a serger with my birthday money! I picked the Brother 1034D after getting advice from a lot of friends.

Where The Wild Things Are:
Madelyn and I met a possum at the zoo program we attend, and I was surprised by what we learned.

Birthday Shenanigans/Cruise:
My birthday was great! Lots of time with family, and brunch with a friend. 

The cruise was incredible. I got to meet a lot of the higher-ups and executives of Color Street, get to know other stylists, and had a ton of fun in Mexico. I got to see a very old cotton tree that the Maya Indians use the fiber from to make their indigenous textiles!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

  • 6 in 19 is now in the second 2-month period, and March/April is being sponsored by Jenn Sheelen! I first fell in love with her designs because of jar cozy patterns, and she has designed more beautiful hats, mitts and shawls since! She just released a gorgeous new shawl, High Tea and Jam Crumpets that I am absolutely OBSESSED with. I want to encourage you to patronize her Ravelry Store this month if you need some project inspiration. If you knit one of her patterns during this period, the project will get TWO entries instead of just one! You can earn unlimited double entries by knitting her patterns, too- just make sure the ones you pick are for projects of at least 150 yards. 


  • TheProjectBag and I have an announcement to make. It has come to our attention that Potion Yarns recently released an episode of her podcast that contained some very divisive and hurtful language regarding the issues of respect for BIPOC and individuals who might feel marginalized by the knitting community. Into The Wool is an all-inclusive retreat in more ways than just monetarily: we strive to be a welcoming place where people of all walks of life, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. feel comfortable and accepted. The views expressed by Potion Yarns run counter to those that we strive to uphold and maintain for the retreat, and thus we have decided to revoke our invitation to her to vend our retreat market. We are pleased to have blueberrychick from Bede Sisters step up from an alternate vendor spot to this vacant spot, and hope you will support her in the market (and during the Spotlight KAL!). Check out the link to her shop in the vendor thread! We thank you for your continued support, and hope that our commitment to create a safe and welcoming environment for ALL makes you even more excited to come hang out with us in September! We’d love to have more folks on the waitlist though, since it’s likely they will get in (we always have about 10% attrition). Don’t hesitate to sign up!
  • Color Street just released our Easter sets: Hot Chick and Great Hare Day! Check out my Color Street site to order the current lineup, and join my Facebook VIP group to get all the best deals! You can request a free Color Street sample here: tinyurl.com/pamperednailsbydanasample  Please only one sample per customer as I do have to pay for them. 😉

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Episode 168: No Wind In My Sails 6 in 19: January/February Drawing!

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