Episode 98: Feathering My Nest With Yarn

Thank you for joining us for episode 98! Be sure to comment about your year-in-review in the Ravelry group thread for the episode! :)

Finished Objects:
Dana: Bob’s Christmas Socks, cork coasters and two pendant blanks from Red Gate Stitchery
Brittany: nothing this time

On The Needles/Bobbins:
Dana: Layer Cake, Bad Amy socks, Christmas Cowl, “Cheerful Disposition” BFL from Three Waters Farm on Hansen, nothing on Suzie at the moment
Brittany: Sesame Street Socks, Yowza Weigh It Shawl in Miss Babs “Fairy Ring”, Christmas Socks, started spinning “Merry Fallmas” from Unwind Yarn Co.

New In The Queue:
Dana: Cruiser by Cailyn Meyer (free)
Brittany: Seven Sisters Cowl by Karina Maza-Gildea ($3 US)

No-Sew Knits: 20 Flattering, Finish-Free Garments by Kristen TenDyke ($25.99 list price)

Rustic Modern Knits: 23 Sophisticated Designs by Yumiko Alexander ($24.99 list price)

End of the Year Wrap Up:
From the first episode of the year:
2014 Goals- “Mindfulness”
Dana: Be more mindful and plan ahead
– only have 10 WIPs or less at the end of 2014 (never gonna happen. probably ever.)
– finish 14 pairs of socks (8 ½ done- I’m on the failboat!)
– knit more with my own yarn, both commercial handdyed and handspun (DEFINITELY did this)
– knit 12 projects from my current library of books (try for one per month) and only buy books that I want to knit 3/4 of what’s in them. (did about 5. that’s not too bad. and I bought ONE book.)
– support new-to-me businesses (definitely did this! bought from a bunch of new and new-to-me dyers in particular)
– Stop knitting mindless stockinette just because you don’t have to think about it.
– be more monogamous
– bigger projects
– focus on older stash

* Clean Slate Challenge begins on 1/1/15 and goes through 2/28/15. Hashtag for Instagram is #cleanslatechallenge15, tag for Ravelry is cleanslatechallenge15.
* Dana’s shower thread is here.
* Dana’s shop announcements… listen to the episode for details about changes coming to Unwind!!

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Episode 97: Seeekrits

Thank you for joining us for episode 97 of Just One More Row! So excited that Brittany is back!!


Finished Objects:
Dana: Mom’s hot water bottle cozy, Gnome Is Where The Heart Is, Snowball Buddies (mouse & bunny), Hieroglyphics hot water bottle cozy, Sprinkle Cardigan & tube socks, SRR BFL (forgot colorway and haven’t measured yardage, sorry!)
Brittany: Little Pumpkins, Halloween 2014 socks, Hitchhiker

On The Needles/Bobbins:
Dana: All The Christmas Colors Cowl, Twinkle Twinkle Blanket, Blight, Hermaness (kinda on the back burner), fair isle hat design project, Hilltop Cloud BFL pencil roving on Hansen, Tricks For Treats Merino by SRR on Suzie
Brittany: Katniss Cowl, Avery Cowl, Sesame Street Socks, Twigs and Willows

New In The Queue:
Dana: Small Things Sweater by Carina Spencer ($6 Ravelry download, and there is an ebook of 3 matching patterns for $13 if you’d prefer), Eole by Nadia Cretin-Lechenne ($5FR or about $5.31 as of recording for a Ravelry download)
Brittany: Yowza Weigh It Shawl by Susan B Anderson ($5 Ravelry download), Split Back Snowflake Hat by Susan B Anderson ($5.50 Ravelry download)

If I Was A Rich Girl:
Dana: Curls by Hunter Hammersen ($16.32 on Amazon, releases 12/2/14)
Brittany: kitchen scale- (the one that Dana has)

What Do You Want To Hear About?

  • photoknitgal: why do we not predraft?
  • lspearl: when faced with a unit of fiber, how do we decide what to do with it?


  • Dana is pregnant and due in June with a girl!
  • Clean Slate Challenge begins on 1/1/15 and goes through 2/28/15. We are having a Knitdown and Spindown from your stash and WIPs!
  • The only hard and fast rule is that it has to be stash yarn or fiber that is at least 3 months old.
  • Every 1500yds you knit down or spin out of fiber from stash equals one entry into a drawing for a prize.
  • WIPs count, but the yarn used has to meet the 3-months-old criteria.
  • We will have a thread for you to “claim your place” starting January 1, and a chatter thread where all chatter about the CSC should go. You will have one post in the FO thread and will be responsible for updating it with every item or yarn you finish. In order for an entry to count, you MUST photograph it to prove that it’s finished, and post the picture on your FO thread post. Other than that, we will not be policing your entries, but ask that you please be honest. :)
  • Please be sure to add up your own yardage in a cumulative total at the bottom of your post. We don’t have time to add all of these up for you since we have so many participants.
  • The Challenge will run from January 1- February 28, the FO thread will be locked down on March 5, and the drawing for prizes will be done on the mid-March episode of the podcast.
  • You can double dip with other podcast KAL/SALs.
  • Please tag your projects or yarns with CSC2015
  • You have to be a member of this group to win a prize.

And here are some FAQs from last year, to give y’all some clarity…

  • Can I count my WIPs? Yes, as long as the yarn used in them is at least 3 months old.
  • Do I count only the yardage that I knit starting January 1 on WIPs, or can I count the whole yardage when it’s finished? Total yardage can be counted.
  • If I’m spinning, can I count the singles yardage, or just the plied yardage? If you plan to leave the yarn as singles you can count the singles yardage. If you plan to ply the yarn please only count the yardage once it’s plied. It wouldn’t be fair to count the yardage from singles AND plied yarn, since we’re giving out entries into a prize drawing for every 1500 yards finished.
  • Can we do smaller projects to add up to 1500 yards? Absolutely! You can do that as many times as you like. Each time you hit an additional 1500 you get another entry!
  • When knitting with handspun, does it need to have been in the fiber stash for more than three months, or spun up into yarn for more than three months? Since the challenge is about getting rid of stash that has been sitting for a while, knitting with handspun will count as long as it has been spun (finished) yarn for at least three months.
  • Can I crochet my yardage? Yes.
  • Can I weave my yardage? After talking it over, we have decided not to allow weaving since the time commitment isn’t the same as it would be with knitting, spinning, or crochet. Sorry.
  • I’m using my yarn doubled. How do I count that? Yardage is yardage. If you’re using two 400yd skeins held together, then you count 800yds.

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Episode 96: The Snowball Melted! :(

Thank you for tuning in to episode 96 of Just One More Row!


Finished Objects:
March Hare Hat & Mitts, Goth Girl Mitts


On The Needles/Bobbins:
Viajante, Long Sands Cardigan, ALL THE CHRISTMAS COLORS Cowl, Hilltop Cloud BFL Pencil Roving


New In The Queue:
Evermore by Nell Ziroli ($4 Ravelry download), Aila Grace Shawl by Jennifer Lassonde ($5 Ravelry download), Loden Slouchy by Julia Trice ($6 Ravelry download)


Out & About: Fiber In The Boro 2014
Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support not only me but all of the other vendors there! The podcaster meetup was fun, and it was great to get hugs and friendly chats with so many of you!

What I bought: a basket from Roan Creek Weaving, a copy of PomPom Quarterly Volume 10, a project bag from Fringe Supply Co, and a skein of Daydreaming sock yarn by KnittyandColor



  • from TalesOfYarn: how did I get into dyeing? how do I feel I’ve evolved as a dyer? been dyeing since 2006 when I couldn’t find a color I liked, and friends encouraged me to start selling my yarns on Etsy. I went full time in 2011 when my husband and I got engaged. My colors are much more sophisticated now (and more repeatable now that I actually write down formulas!). I’m also a lot more fearless about mixing colors that “shouldn’t go together”, and with chemically breaking dyes down into their component parts to get different color effects. I’m also experimenting with new to me dye techniques to expand my repertoire.
  • from lspearl and TeriChesser: heels for toe up and cuff down socks? My heel of choice for both is the short row garter stitch heel, because it fits me best. I’ve wanted to try the fish lips kiss, but since I blow through heels that don’t have texture, I don’t know if it’s a good choice for me. I do a faux-garter afterthought heel when I do stripey socks too (purl every other row).
  • from Fromage: souvenir yarn? I tend to purchase souvenir yarn if I have a chance… but it just hangs out in my stash because I hate to use it up! I have some sock yarn from my last beach trip (it’s tweed and I even have a pattern for it! oops!), and some sock yarn I bought on my honeymoon that I haven’t used yet. What I look for in souvenir yarn: what I can’t find locally to me or easily online… bonus points if it’s a dyer that’s local to that shop!



  • Daniela of Caffeinated Knitting and I will be doing a special review episode for the second episode of the month.
  • We will be doing the Clean Slate Challenge again starting on January 1 and going through February 28. Be thinking about what you want to work on! We will clarify the rules on an upcoming episode. We are also taking prize donations, so if you’re interested please email us!
  • Into the Wool vendor applications are now being taken through 11/22! There is information about vending on this thread in the Into the Wool group. We hope you’ll consider applying if you’re an indie, bagmaker, notions maker, spindle maker, etc.!
  • Unwind & Little Skein have teamed up to bring you a reimagined kit with Susan Claudino’s Snowball Buddies! 6 brand new Unwind colorways, a bag and notions from Little Skein, and a limited edition re-release of Snowball Buddies will be in this adorable kit! Look for it in late November. I’ll announce it again when we have a specific release date. Follow us on Instagram to see previews: @annielightknits @noknitsherlock @dana_of_unwind
  • Unwind Yarn Company’s Thanksgiving sale starts at midnight ET on Thanksgiving night and goes through midnight ET on Cyber Monday (11/27-12/1). Use coupon code TURKEY2014 to save 15% off your purchase! (sale items, Kookaburra, and kits are excluded). Also, Halloween items have been marked down in the shop right now!

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Episode 95: October Is Summer In Tennessee

Thanks for tuning in to episode 95 of Just One More Row! Thanks so much for your kind words on my first solo episode last time. I hope you’ll continue to tune in!

Brittany update:
The baby is doing great, growing like a weed, and Brittany is adjusting really well. I go to see them on Wednesday of this week! (which is why I’m recording early)

Moorish Hat and Mitten by Emily Estrada

On The Needles/Bobbins:
March Hare test knit (hat and mitts; and Em’s new username is KnitFastDieCozy, which I forgot to mention! Sorry!), ALL THE CHRISTMAS COLORS cowl, Viajante, Chris’s Birthday Socks (which may now become his Christmas socks), Mama Vertebrae, BFL pencil roving from HilltopCloud on the Hansen started at spinning guild and may end up being a long term project… there’s a lot of it!

New In The Queue:
Juxtaposed by Sarah Shoo (free Ravelry download), Oki Doki by Astrid Schramm (3EUR Ravelry download), Heaven and Space by Martina Behm (3.60EUR Ravelry download) 

Out And About:
Fiber in the Boro in Murfreesboro TN on November 1 at the Lane Agricultural Park, podcaster meetup at 2pmCT (all are welcome!)

What Do You Want To Hear About:
From KarenCreates: suggestions about picking out a first wheel? Episode 31 Wheels Loved & Lost, my history with wheels and advice (eBags Crew Cooler II)
From kabang: suggestions for patterns for handspun? my queue’s handspun tag. Also, do I spin for specific projects? Yes, on occasion.
From KuntzKnit: how to measure the yardage for handspun? niddy noddy or skeinwinder, wash before measuring final yardage, DO NOT WEIGHT THE YARN.
From cperrine: taking care of hand dyed yarn? my opinion on washing, why certain yarns fade, etc. Also… I didn’t realize this ‘controversy’ about hand dyed yarns that bleed was going on in other places on Ravelry when I chose to respond to the question that was asked in the WDYWTHA thread, and what I said wasn’t directed at anyone or meant to claim a side. I just presented my response as I see it, based on my own 8+ years as an indie dyer and 9+ years as a knitter of hand dyed yarns.


  • the SillyFru shop update: $225 got donated to her medical fund thanks to YOU!
  • one more shop update, next Tuesday 10/21 at 4pmET, and then no more updates til 11/11 so that I can focus on FITB and resting afterward.
  • new patterns coming out for UYC’s booth at FITB! Nell Ziroli’s Hexes & Ohs, Emily Estrada’s Moorish Arches, Emma Galati’s March Hare. Kits will be available in the shop after FITB is over, and the patterns will be available on Ravelry for purchase after the show as well!

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Special Announcement Episode: Just One More Caffeinated Row KAL

Hello everyone! This is a special announcement episode with Dana and CaffeinatedGert of the CaffeinatedKnitting Podcast.

On Monday 10/6/14 CaffeinatedGert will be releasing the Inverness patterns and Inverness eBook on Ravelry for purchase. From 10/6-10/12/14, 50% of the proceeds of sales from the patterns will be donated to SillyFru’s medical fund.

Inverness Diamonds Cowl- Fingering and Sport

Inverness Diamonds Cowl- DK, Worsted & Aran

Inverness Diamonds Cowl- Bulky

Inverness Diamonds Mitts

Inverness Diamonds Hat

Inverness Diamonds eBook (ebook includes the fair isle version as a bonus pattern!)


Dana is doing a huge shop update on Tuesday 10/7/14 at 4pmET with all of the yarns used for the cowl, mitts & hat patterns, as well as a large selection of her new SuperBulky base. 10% of all sales from 12:01amET to 11:59pmET (including already-listed items, not just new items from the update) will go to SillyFru’s medical fund. You can find Dana’s shop here. The update items will be put up in preview mode on Monday night or Tuesday morning if you’d like a sneak peek.


There will be a KAL for all of the Inverness Diamonds patterns in the Unwind Yarn Company group on Ravelry. You can find the chatter thread here, and the FO thread here. The KAL runs from 10/6-11/30, and the only requirements are that you use Unwind Yarn Company yarn and one of the Inverness Diamonds patterns (the yarn can be handspun out of UYC fiber, or stash yarn- it doesn’t have to be purchased in the update). We hope you will join us!



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Episode 94: The Solo Speedtalker

Thank you for tuning in to episode 94 of Just One More Row!

I’m going to go ahead and apologize for the speed talking. I was really nervous! I promise it’ll be better next time!


  • Felicity was born on 9/30, and is doing very well, as is her proud mama! Brittany wants to relay the particulars herself, so be watching for a thread in the group where she will post info and pictures when she is ready to share.
  • DaizieKnits contest: 2-36, winner is #8: Camanoah. Congrats Judy! Please contact me with your address and I’ll get your yarn right out. Thanks for all of the inspirational pics everyone! I’m sure Daizie will be able to create some gorgeous colorways from them.
  • Fundraisers for SillyFru, including Dana’s 10/7 updateCaffeinatedGert’s eBook release 10/6; check the hashtag #crushthesack on Instagram to find more fundraisers if you’re so inclined! (and a little oops: I said “Fru’s eBook release” instead of “Gert’s eBook release”. My apologizes to Gert!)

Dana’s Vegas Trip:
* The Neon Museum
* Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum
* Mystere by Cirque du Soliel
* David Copperfield
* O by Cirque du Soliel

Finished Objects:
Dana: Evergreen Cardigan, Quaker Yarn Stretcher

On The Needles:
Dana: ALL THE CHRISTMAS COLORS cowl, Hats For Kiddos, Chris’s Birthday Socks, a couple of test knits for designers who are releasing patterns with my yarn

New In The Queue:
Dana: Gusto by Laura Nelkin (free on Knitty.com), Love and Laughter Cowl by Sarah Franklin ($3.50 Ravelry download, all proceeds go to SillyFru’s medical fund through 12/31)

Well there really isn’t one, because I can’t discuss something alone! ;) If you have an idea of something you want me to talk about, could you put it in the What Do You Want To Hear About thread on the Ravelry group? I’ll use your ideas to try to flesh out this section for the next episode. :)

Out & About:
Dana: vending Fiber In The Boro on November 1! Hoping to see some of you there!

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Episode 93: Self-Striping Connoisseurs

Thank you for joining us for Episode 93 of Just One More Row! For the month of September we are proud to be sponsored by Daizie Knits.

Diazie Knits

At Daizie Knits, our goal is to provide a rainbow of colors in a range of fibers and weights.  We dye all of our produces in small batches using a kettle dyeing method so that each one is unique. Our focus is semi-solids but we also provide some variegated colorways to add to your color combinations.  We strive to find yarns and fibers that make your heart sing and your toes curl with delight.  Not seeing your perfect yarn or fiber?   Let us know so we can work on a custom order just for you.  At daizieknits.com you can contact us, view a gallery of projects, check out the show schedule and of course the link to our shop. Use the coupon code mentioned in the episode to receive 20% off your next purchase.


On The Needles/Bobbins:
Dana: Viajante, Chris’s birthday socks, Evergreen Cardigan, Mama Vertebrae (Gleener), Quaker Yarn Stretcher, Hats For Kiddos
Brittany: Hitchhiker, Socks for Mom

Finished Objects:
Dana: Garland Cowl, Quaker Yarn Stretcher, Two If By Hand “Pretty Bird” SWBFL (232yds of 2ply); Brittany’s baby gifts: Layer Cake, Baby Hats (Purple, Vegas Color, Olivia), FPDC Washcloths, Mushroom Cross Stitch (bottom pics of Rav project)
Brittany: Quaker Yarn Stretcher

If I Was A Rich Girl:
Dana: Shetland Trader Book 2 by Gudrun Johnston ($26 for eBook and printed book, and you get the Hermaness Hats pattern free)
Brittany: Coloring Book Yarns (BMO colorway specifically)

New In The Queue:
Dana: Campside by Alicia Plummer (free from PomPom website), Snake Skin by Ashley Solley ($5.50 Ravelry download) (Magic Knot by Jane Richmond)
Brittany: Foxy Sweater by Natalia Moreva ($4.99 USD), Pumpkin by Marnie Ann Joyce (free), inspired by seeing this kit on Etsy  (Dana’s pumpkin was made from this pattern)

Out & About: Brittany’s Baby Shower

– Daizie Knits contest: please post an image that you’d like to see a colorway dyed up, along with an idea for a name for that colorway. Dana will pick the winner via RNG on 9/30 at noon ET, and will announce the winner on her first solo episode in October (will be posted the first week of the month at some point). Regular contest rules apply.
– Dana will be at Fiber in the ‘Boro on Nov 1 in the main building… come shop and say hi!

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